Thai man found dead in Sattahip residence, heatstroke suspected

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A tragic event unfolded in the Sattahip district of Chon Buri when a 52 year old man was found lifeless in a village residence on Tuesday, April 16. The local authorities have proposed the possibility of a heatstroke being the cause of the man’s untimely demise.

The scene of the incident was Eua Athon Village, located in the Na Jomtien area of Sattahip district. The man, known as Somrak Thongkhongkheaw, was found on the second floor of Building 49 around 12noon. He was dressed in athletic attire and a jacket.

Among his possessions, police found a mobile phone, a condom, and a lubricant bottle. Notably, there was no evidence pointing to any criminal activity involved in his death.

Recounting the chilling moments leading up to the discovery of the incident, the housekeeper of the building told how she was alerted to the situation. Busy with her cleaning duties on the ground floor, she was interrupted by the fearful cries of a person who had discovered Somrak in a state of unconsciousness upstairs.

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Upon rushing to the scene, she found Somrak unresponsive, with stiff limbs and a vacant look in his eyes. Emergency services were promptly called to the scene, but, unfortunately, Somrak could not be revived.

The Sattahip police, in their attempt to piece together the sequence of events, consulted the security footage of the building. The footage showed Somrak arriving at the building on his motorcycle, parking it, and then making his way into the building. He was last seen heading towards the stairs that led to the second floor, where he was later found lifeless, reported The Pattaya News.

An unusual surge in heat on that fateful day led the authorities to consider the likelihood of a heatstroke being the cause of Somrak’s death. However, nothing can be definitively said at this point. To ascertain the exact cause of this unfortunate event, a thorough investigation, inclusive of an autopsy, is set to be conducted.

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