Teenage motorbike racer killed in tragic accident in Banglamung

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A tragic accident in Banglamung claimed the life of a 14 year old teenage motorbike racer after he collided with a trailer truck. The incident unfolded on Highway 36 Road in front of an international school in Nong Plalai on a recent Saturday morning.

Emergency responders and local news personnel converged on the scene, where they discovered the young victim, who remains unnamed due to his age.

The teenager sustained a severe wound at the back of his head, which ultimately proved fatal. About 1 kilometre away from the accident site, the trailer truck involved in the collision was discovered with the motorbike lodged at its rear. The truck driver, named Boonyuen Inkaew, remained on location, awaiting law enforcement’s arrival.

Inkaew described the harrowing events as they transpired. He was faced with about four teenage motorbike racers speeding down the road, three of whom were in the wrong lane. Fearing a crash, Inkaew said he had no choice but to manoeuvre his vehicle into the middle of the highway. However, after 1 kilometre, he realised that his truck had collided with one of the motorbike racers, dragging the bike along behind him.

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The teenager’s friends, who have also not been identified due to their ages, recounted the unfortunate series of events, stating that their deceased companion lost control of his motorbike before ultimately smashing into the trailer truck. They admitted that none of the teenagers involved in the race held proper licenses or owned appropriate safety gear.

Moreover, some of the young motorbike racers fled the scene of the tragic accident, fearing potential legal consequences. As a result, the Banglamung Police are carrying out a thorough investigation, weighing their options for further legal action against both those who fled the scene without offering aid to the victim and the truck driver, Inkaew.

This incident serves as a tragic reminder of the importance of road safety, proper licensing and the use of appropriate safety equipment, particularly for those involved in high-speed racing activities.

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