Sattahip district disturbance: Son assaults mother in Chon Buri

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Chon Buri’s Sattahip district was the scene of a distressing incident yesterday, as police were called to a domestic disturbance at Yung Thong Village. The commotion was reportedly caused by a 26 year old man, Hassadayu, who had assaulted his 49 year old mother, Tadsamalee, and wrought extensive damage within their family home.

Upon their arrival, the police found Hassadayu in a state of high agitation, forcefully dragging his mother out of the house. Tadsamalee, who was visibly injured and shaken, had been stripped down to her underwear, with the rest of her clothing torn off by Hassadayu. The family’s last name has been withheld due to potential mental health concerns related to Hassadayu.

In response to the volatile situation, the police were able to evacuate Tadsamalee and her younger son from the house and succeeded in de-escalating Hassadayu. Initial attempts to communicate with the young man were met with resistance, and he physically barred the officers from entering the property.

Considering the inherent risks posed by the situation, the authorities decided to apprehend Hassadayu and conduct a preliminary psychiatric evaluation and a drug test.

In conversation with the police, Tadsamalee painted a picture of her son as a person who neither smoked nor consumed alcohol. His recent behavioural changes, she stated, were a consequence of a failed relationship, which had considerably affected his mental health, reported The Pattaya News. Despite the family’s efforts to support him, the emotional and financial fallout from the breakup seems to have triggered a violent downward spiral.

Tadsamalee expressed her gratitude to the Sattahip police for their timely intervention and for rescuing her family from a potentially life-threatening situation. The investigation into the unfortunate incident is ongoing, and Hassadayu is slated for further assessments to determine the future course of action for his mental health and living arrangements.

Sattahip district disturbance: Son assaults mother in Chon Buri | News by Thaiger
Photo courtesy of TMN Cable TV Pattaya

In related news, shocking domestic violence in Sattahip unfolded as a son’s drug-induced aggression led to an assault, sparking community concerns.

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