Pattaya terrorised by two fires in the night, locals evacuated

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Two major fires erupted in Pattaya in the early hours this morning, terrorising locals and tourists alike. The first fire erupted at a well-known shopping centre in Nong Prue district, and the second incident erupted at a high-rise condominium on South Pattaya Road.

A large amount of smoke emerged from the mall, frightening many tourists strolling along Pattaya Beach. The local authorities promptly took control of the situation, directing bystanders to hastily evacuate the area.

Pattaya firefighters quickly arrived at the scene to battle the flames. Initially, no fatalities were reported, but two individuals sustained injuries from smoke inhalation.

Preliminary assessments suggested that the fire might have originated from a short circuit, with estimated damages of no less than a hundred thousand baht.

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Later at 3.30am the same night, another fire erupted in a condominium located along South Pattaya Road, Nong Prue sub-district, Bang Lamung district, Chon Buri province.

Flames were spotted engulfing the 12th floor and quickly spreading to the 13th floor. Thick smoke billowed into the sky, prompting authorities to evacuate all residents of the condominium for safety.

Firefighters battled the raging inferno for over an hour before finally managing to subdue the flames. Investigation revealed the fire originated from a room on the 12th floor, resulting in the complete destruction of the foreign resident’s room.

Before the incident, residents in the building had reported a burning smell and seeing flames in the room. Their quick thinking led to initial attempts to extinguish the fire by themselves.

However, the fire rapidly spread beyond control, necessitating further assistance from the fire department.

Subsequent investigations will involve interviewing the foreign resident, whose room was the initial source of the flames. Forensic experts will further examine the scenes at the condominium to further collect evidence to determine the true cause of the fire, reported Daily News.

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