Pattaya tourists tread tightrope as bike rentals hog Beach Road

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Complaints have arisen in Pattaya over motorcycle rental businesses allegedly monopolising public parking spaces along Beach Road, causing significant inconvenience for tourists. Residents yesterday voiced their concerns to the media, highlighting how these businesses park dozens of motorcycles on the roadside, making it challenging for tourists to find parking. Some motorcycles are even illegally parked, obstructing traffic and making it difficult for cars to navigate side streets.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Panupong Nimsuwan, Pattaya Traffic Police Chief, acknowledged the issue but explained that the police lack the authority to fine these businesses as they are technically using public parking spaces. The police can only take action if motorcycles are parked in prohibited areas marked with white and red lines.

Despite these limitations, Pattaya police regularly patrol the area and issue fines to violators. However, the police chief noted that the current legal framework, specifically the Land Traffic Act of 2019, places the responsibility of regulating parking on public roads on local governments. This framework currently prevents the police from specifically targeting motorcycle rental businesses.

In a positive development, Pattaya is in the process of creating regulations specifically aimed at motorcycle rental businesses. Once these regulations are officially issued, any violations by operators will result in fines and penalties similar to those imposed under normal traffic laws, according to the police chief.

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In the interim, Pattaya police will increase the deployment of officers to help alleviate parking congestion for tourists.

A motorcycle rental business owner, who requested anonymity, told local media that there is ample parking available for tourists and suggested they park in nearby shopping malls. He also mentioned that the high number of rental motorcycles on Beach Road is due to it being the low season, resulting in fewer customers, reported Pattaya News.

In related news, the Pattaya City Peacekeeping Division, alongside the Pattaya City Police Traffic Division, brought the contentious issue of motorbikes using the underpass into the limelight. The crackdown, resulting in numerous prosecutions, has ignited a fiery debate among residents.

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