Pattaya scores with mayor’s 400 million baht kick to complete football stadium

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Pattaya is buzzing with excitement after its mayor, Poramase Ngampiches, declared an additional investment of 400 million baht towards completing the long-stalled massive football stadium construction in the area. Residents are keen to see this project come to fruition as it holds the potential to change the face of their city.

In a commitment to transparency and preventing any corruption, Poramase announced yesterday, April 26, that he’d be working closely with the National Anti-Corruption Commission. They’ll jointly monitor every aspect of the stadium’s third phase of development, from picking a contractor to carrying out audits. This move is bound to instill faith in the process among the city’s residents.

With the stadium scheduled for completion in 2025, as confirmed by Pattaya Deputy Mayor Manoch Nongyai, locals can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel after a long nine-year delay. Poramase voiced complete confidence in the project, reinforcing the crucial role it plays in transforming Pattaya into a sports tourism hub.

As for Poramase, people can genuinely feel the sincerity of his passion for the project. The locals have come to know him for his informal yet engaging approach to interacting with the community. By using social media, like Facebook, to share information and his thoughts on the stadium, Poramase connects with residents on a personal level. This encourages open conversations about the development, building trust and excitement.

People believe that the stadium is the perfect infrastructure to propel Pattaya towards new horizons. It could bring not just national, but international attention to this lively area. Furthermore, the stadium could foster a rich sports culture while making sports tourism an integral aspect of the city’s economy. Considering the potential benefits, residents are eager to see the results of this substantial investment.

With Pattaya being a city that looks out for its community, the mayor has his work cut out for him in transforming it into a prominent sports destination. Just as Pattaya’s residents feel a personal connection with Poramase, the mayor, in turn, can sense their commitment and enthusiasm toward the stadium’s completion.

It’s this kind of mutual support that helps a city grow and flourish. As Pattaya continues to push forward in developing the stadium, the strong bond among its people will be a key factor in ensuring success. With the shared aim of promoting sports tourism and enhancing the city’s international appeal, everyone is playing their part in making Pattaya’s football stadium dream a reality.

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