Mother drowns in Pattaya pond where she previously ‘heard a voice’ (video)

Woman drowned in Pattaya pond after "hearing a voice", screen grab via The Pattaya News.

A mother tragically drowned in a Pattaya pond on Monday night. The woman, 49 year old Amnuay Khemram, had gone into the pond twice in the past after she heard a voice telling her to walk into it, according to her son, 26 year old Thammarong Khemram.

Thammarong said his mother went missing from their home at 11am on Monday. Khemram couldn’t find his mother, until later in the evening he recalled that she had once walked into the pond twice before.

Thammarong said that when his mother walked into the pond in the past, she had told him that she heard a voice telling her to walk into the pond. She almost drowned once before but a Good Samaritan luckily came to her aid.

Once Thammarong remembered that his mother had gone into the pond in the past, he asked rescuers to search the pond. The rescuers found Amnuay’s shoes on the pond’s bank. Rescuers searched the pond for about an hour before finding Amnuay’s body at the bottom of the pond.

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An initial police investigation found no signs of foul play, Thai media reported. Amnuay’s body was transported to Bang Lamung hospital for further examination.

Khemram is devastated after losing his mother. Video footage by The Pattaya News shows mourners gathered at the pond praying and lighting incense.

Locals told Thai media that several people in the community had heard a voice calling out from the pond, followed the voice, and drowned.

One woman said that her son had gone into the pond when he was three years old. Her son had said he heard a fisherman calling him, however, no fisherman was there. Luckily, someone helped her son and he was safe.

The locals said that now, no one dares to get close to the pond. The pond is located on Soi Chaiyaphon Withi 21 in the Nong Prue sub-district of Bang Lamung district.

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