Monkeying around in Chon Buri: Rare ‘albino’ monkey resembles Chinese legend

Albino Monkey, Photo by Thai Rath.

One of two rare twin monkeys, known by locals as ‘albino’ monkeys, was spotted on a mountain in the Saensuk district of Chon Buri province. Locals told The Pattaya News that although the monkeys are friendly, they’re usually very hard to spot, since they live high up on the mountain. The caretaker of a shrine on the mountain, on the other hand, said one of the monkeys usually hangs around a coffee shop near the shrine.

The monkeys have white faces, and “slightly brown” bodies. Past reports have described them as having “yellowish white” hair, but black hands. Some locals believe the monkeys look like a mystical character known as “the monkey king”.

The monkey king is a Chinese legend about a monkey born out of a rock. It can transform into 72 different things including a tree, a bird, and a beast of prey. The monkey king is known as a “rebellious trickster”.

Monkeying around in Chon Buri: Rare 'albino' monkey resembles Chinese legend | News by Thaiger
Albino monkey, photo by Sanook.

Locals say it’s been a while since they last saw the twin monkeys. They said the monkey must have come back down the mountain because it got too hot in the high spot where it usually lives. They said the monkey was probably looking for food.

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SOURCE: The Pattaya News | Pattaya Mail | WKU

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