Man assaulted with iron rod in Pattaya, suffers severe injuries

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Security footage revealed a group of men assaulting a victim with an iron rod in Pattaya, leading to severe injuries requiring eight stitches. The victim, who had no prior acquaintance with the assailants, calls for authorities to apprehend the attackers.

Today, 25 year old Pattaya native, Thawatchai reported being attacked by a group of unknown men. He suffered a head injury that needed eight stitches, and his girlfriend also sustained head injuries.

Thawatchai is urging police to quickly apprehend the culprits, fearing another possible attack if they cross paths again.

He recounted the incident, stating that around 12.10am while working in Soi LK Buakhao, he noticed a group of teenagers loitering near his workplace but didn’t pay much attention, as he had no known conflicts.

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Riding a blue Honda Scoopy motorbike, wearing a pink raincoat, he proceeded to drop his brother off at Soi VC South Pattaya, with his girlfriend seated in front and his brother behind.

Upon reaching Soi VC, the three attackers followed them on a motorbike. One of the attackers, wearing a black jacket, came alongside and struck Thawatchai’s brother from behind with an iron rod before striking him on the head and face, causing them to fall off the bike.

The attackers attempted to continue their assault but he managed to get up and make his escape. After the assailants fled, Thawatchai sought medical help for himself, his girlfriend, and his brother.

Thawatchai has since filed a police report and is pleading for authorities to expedite the capture of the attackers. The incident has left Thawatchai and his loved ones traumatised and anxious for their safety, fearing being targeted by the attackers once more, reported Khaosod.

The authorities are now under pressure to act swiftly and ensure the attackers are brought to justice, to prevent any further incidents and provide some peace of mind to the victims.

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