Jomtien Beach sees tourist dip amid Thailand’s soaring heat

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Pattaya’s Jomtien Beach is experiencing a noticeable dip in the influx of tourists as the summer heat in Thailand reaches its peak. The beach, a popular locale for sun-worshippers, swimmers, and city dwellers seeking a reprieve from the oppressive city heat, is seeing a marked reduction in footfall.

Local reporters observed the crowd was distinctly thinner than it was in the initial months of the year, during a visit to Jomtien Beach at precisely 2pm on Sunday, April 28

Several factors could account for this decline in visitor numbers. The post-Songkran holiday season and the current soaring temperatures are undoubtedly significant contributors. The weather, in particular, seems to be playing a substantial role.

Over the past few days, the mercury in Pattaya and the Banglamung district has been spiking to nearly 40 degrees Celsius, a factor that may have dissuaded many from making the trip to the beach.

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In an attempt to gauge the situation better, reporters interacted with beach bench operators on Jomtien Beach. Most of them expressed a hopeful outlook, predicting that the beach would witness a modest rise in tourist numbers during the upcoming National Labour Day holiday, tomorrow, May 1, as well as the subsequent weekends.

However, despite their optimistic forecast, their worry about their dwindling income was palpable. Some of them confessed that their current earnings were just about enough to scrape by. They further revealed that while they did have a steady stream of customers, the majority of these were locals. The number of foreign and domestic tourists making their way to Jomtien Beach was noticeably low, reported Pattaya News

Meanwhile, around 6,000 American sailors from the United States Navy’s Carrier Strike Group 9 arrived in Pattaya at the weekend to enjoy the beach and Pattaya’s notorious Walking Street. The sailors, who were on a rest and relaxation visit, arrived in Pattaya on April 24 and departed on Sunday.

The visit, marked by their presence in various bars, restaurants, and go-go bars, ended up being a welcome economic boost for the city, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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