Indian squatters run bar and rent rooms in abandoned Pattaya building

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A 30 year old Thai man has filed a complaint with the Pattaya Police Station concerning an Indian national’s illegal occupation of a commercial building he owns. The man, who had not checked the building in five years, discovered a dance club and rental rooms inside the four-storey establishment.

Upon investigation, police found a counter for the dance club and showrooms situated in front of the building in Pattaya. The second to fourth floors were converted into daily and monthly rental income-generating rooms. Some rooms were occupied, however, others were found damaged. Residents informed that the caretaker of the building was an Indian national, living behind the structure.

When questioned, the Indian national claimed to be unaware of the building’s rightful owner. He only asserted his role as an employee for another Indian who was currently in India. He said he would inform his employer about the situation when he returned. In the meantime, the building owner presented the Indian caretaker with the relevant ownership documents and demanded the closure of all entrances to the building. Existing occupants were allowed to stay until further communication between the building owner and those claiming ownership occurs.

The building owner is prepared to negotiate any possible settlement if an agreement on property damages can be reached. However, he wants to identify the primary instigator behind the illegal activities involving his building.

Earlier this year, there was another report about squatters in Thailand.

A new park opened in Bangkok after the removal of two squatting families. The construction of Pathum Wananurak Park was finished five years ago but it had never been opened to the public because two squatting families refused to move off the land. Pathum Wananurak Park is located next to CentralWorld shopping mall. The park took over a residential area called Rong Poon Community where 1,000 houses were situated.

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