Man allegedly stabs ex-wife’s new boyfirend in Sri Racha, Chon Buri

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Man in Chon Buri allegedly stabbed his ex-wife’s new boyfriend after an argument. The ex-wife, Sukanya, reportedly told police her ex-husband “broke up with” her about a month ago, though it’s not clear if he officially filed for divorce. Sukanya said her ex and their son came to her house to get some of his clothes and belongings he left. Her new boyfriend was at the house when they came.

According to police, Sukanya says the two men immediately began to argue, leading to a physical fight. Her ex, Eakkachai, allegedlt stabbed and slashed her boyfriend with a knife. Both men were injured in the fight. Sukanya’s boyfriend Khemmarat heavily bled, and emergency responders rushed him to a hospital. A different hospital later told police that Eakkachai had driven himself there, and he had head and arm injuries. But Eakkachai wasn’t nearly as injured as Khemmarat.

Sukanya says that though they were already fighting, Eakkachai was the first to use a knife, according to The Pattaya News.

“My ex-husband (Eakkachai) was the first person to attack with a knife, slashing and stabbing my current significant other (Khemmarat) before speeding away.”

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Sri Racha police went to the hospital where Eakkachai was treated, and put him in custody for further legal action. The police are further investigating the fight. Sukanya and Eakkachai have a seven year old son who was there during the fight.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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