Drunk Chon Buri factory workers get in knife fight over who works harder

Chon Buri Provincial Police, Photo by Chon Buri Provincial Police.

On Sunday, two drunk Chon Buri factory workers got into a knife fight over which of them worked harder. Emergency responders rushed one worker to Chon Buri hospital. They found bottles of liquor and a broken point-tip knife near the worker. There was a small pool of his blood. The worker who stabbed him claimed he was defending himself. The responders rushed the injured worker to Chon Buri Hospital.

Chon Buri police have detained the worker who allegedly stabbed his colleague as they continue to investigate. The neighbour who reported the fight to police is reportedly a friend of the injured man. The neighbour told police the workers started arguing while they were drinking, when he heard a cry of pain. The injured worker was still moaning in pain when emergency responders arrived. The man who stabbed him was still drunk.

The man who was stabbed is identified as Mungkorn Phongnu. He is 48 years old. The man who stabbed Mungkorn is identified as Thaksin Chalardlert. Thaksin is 39 years old. Mongkorn’s neighbour reported the fight to police on Sunday afternoon. The fight happened in Mueang district.

This news comes after another Chon Buri stabbing attack last week when a drunk man confessed to stabbing his sister to death after an argument about his drinking habits.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

Drunk Chon Buri factory workers get in knife fight over who works harder | News by Thaiger

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