Chon Buri father arrested for drugging and assaulting his daughter

PHOTO: a 43 year old father was arrested for sexually assaulting his 16 year old daughter. (via Pavena Foundation for Children and Women)

After a 10-day manhunt, police have arrested a Chon Buri father accused of drugging and then sexually assaulting his 16 year old daughter. Police released details of the incident yesterday after chasing the man down in Minburi, Bangkok and taking him into custody.

A woman went with her 16 year old daughter to the Ko Chan Police Station with the assistance of the Pavena Foundation for Children and Women in Bangkok and reported that the girl’s father had forced her to take 2 yabba pills – methamphetamines – before sexually abusing her.

The father and mother had separated when the girl was 3 years old and she lived with her mom in Bangkok. The girl said that her father had abused her in a similar fashion before in Bangkok, but after the incident in Chon Buri on October 31, she decided not to keep quiet.

She had been visiting her grandparents in Chon Buri when her 43 year old father allegedly made her take 2 meth pills before sexually assaulting her. The girl panicked and fled out the door, running about 3 kilometres to her grandparents’ home.

The father was arrested in Bangkok yesterday and is facing multiple charges regarding sexual abuse of a relative who is a minor. He is denying all charges, saying the accusations against him are completely false and that he would never hurt his daughter, according to the Ko Chan Police.

He did not give an explanation though of why he fled Chon Buri and was evading police for 10 days if he was innocent of all charges as he claims. As of now, the father remains in police custody while a full investigation is conducted. Police expect it will lead to a criminal trial, though it is unknown if the father has retained a lawyer yet.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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