Thai cops arrest Chinese cult leader for claiming divine communication

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Thai cops arrested a Chinese cult leader who refers to herself as the “Mother of the Universe” and claims to be the leader of the ‘Universal Lion Federation.’ She has been accused of fraudulently claiming she can communicate with deities, and concocting her own anti-ageing medicine. This has raised concerns about the safety of Chinese tourists and Thai citizens who have been duped into becoming clients.

Today at 10am, Chon Buri Immigration Office (CIO) led by Police Lieutenant Colonel Worrasit Srisiri, Immigration Police Division 3 Commander, held a press conference to announce the arrest of 49 year old Hong Lian Zhu, and four other Chinese nationals. The suspects had been renting a luxurious house in the Jomtien area, turning it into a den of distorted faith-based practices, fortune-telling, and selling self-made, non-FDA approved anti-ageing drugs. The majority of their clients were Chinese tourists as well as Thai people, who had all been coming in large numbers for the past three years.

After detecting suspicious activities on Facebook, authorities initiated an investigation into the group calling themselves “Universal Lion Federation.” Police Lt. Col. Worrasit revealed that the group had created its own currency, offered classes through social media platforms, and even used the United Nations flag for credibility. Their anti-ageing products were marked as potentially dangerous to the public.

Upon receiving a warrant from the Pattaya Provincial Court, the police searched the house in question yesterday. They arrested Hong Lian Zhu, Chinese national, and 60 year old Chang Huen Hao, a Taiwanese national, along with three more Chinese workers. The officers seized five mobile phones, a notebook, an electronic card reader, and various documents, including rental and financial records for further investigation.

It was discovered that Hong Lian Zhu had entered the country with a work visa as the manager of Heaven of Heaven Company Limited, but was not conducting any genuine business activities. Chang Huen Hao had entered Thailand with a retirement visa but was listed as a board member of the company, without obtaining a work permit. Consequently, their visas were revoked, and they were blacklisted to prevent their re-entry to Thailand.

As for the three other Chinese employees, their stay permits had expired at the beginning of 2022. They have been detained and transferred to the Na Jomtien Police Station for legal proceeding and deportation.

Police Lt. Col. Worrasit stressed that this crackdown was part of a policy by the Tourism Police Bureau and National Police Chief aimed at preventing foreign nationals from using Thailand as a base for deceiving their compatriots and Thai citizens. He also mentioned that if additional evidence and victims emerge, further legal action will be taken in the related matters. He encouraged the public to report any suspicions to the Immigration Bureau hotline (1178) or the tourist police hotline (1155).

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