5 million Indian tourists in Pattaya this year?

The Tourism Authority of Thailand is making optimistic predictions about Indian tourists arriving in the Kingdom, this time in Pattaya! TAT officials announced yesterday that TAT expects 5 million tourists to visit Pattaya by the end of this 2022.

Just last week, TAT said that its goal for the number of Indian tourists in Thailand overall was 3,000 per day this year. While Indians make up Thailand’s biggest tourist group this year, the total number of Indians arriving in Thailand between January 1 and May 24 was 100,884. That time period is nearly half a year. Yet, TAT now expects that the number of Indian tourists will reach up to 5 million by the end of the year in Pattaya, according to TAT’s director Kajondej Apichart-trakul.

Kajondej said that business operators in Pattaya are conducting business with international agencies and tour operators who want to bring their customers to Pattaya. He said the city is collaborating with the business sector to develop a year-long tourism-supporting campaign.

Kajondej added that Pattaya is a world renowned vacation spot, and the city has been ready to reopen to tourists since last year in 2021. He said the tourism situation in Pattaya has improved a lot since Test & Go was scrapped.

Last week, TAT claimed that wedding tourism has grown popular among Indian visitors to Thailand, and that it had a goal of holding 400 events related to wedding tourism this year. Are picturesque beach weddings in Thailand a big enough deal to draw in 5 million Indian tourists to Pattaya by the end of 2022?

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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