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Angry central Thai locals go bananas over poor road conditions

Residents in Ang Thong, in central Thailand, are so angry with officials in the Department of Rural Roads about the treacherous state of their roads that they have planted banana trees in the cracks of the tarmac in protest.

Ang Thong locals have reported the dangerous conditions of their highways, roads and thoroughfares, to officials on a number of occasions over the past 5 years but claim “nothing has been done”. And the lack of interest in maintaining the road has left residents so furious that they have planted banana trees in the middle of the damaged roads to warn drivers of the danger they pose.

One thoroughfare in particular, in Baan Phai Dam – Baan Tha Au Road in the Wiset Chai Chan District of Ang Thong, has a long crack over several metres. Residents have planted more than 10 banana trees there.

The trees help signal motorists away from danger because many accidents have happened on that stretch of road in the past.

One local living nearby acknowledged heavy rain causes most of the damage but says the Department of Rural Roads must keep on top of maintenance.

The Baan Phai Dam – Baan Tha Au Road was last repaired in 2016 at a cost of around 7 million baht.

SOURCE: Channel 7

Petch Petpailin

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