40 year old arrested for sexually harassing 12 year old girl

PHOTO: A 40 year old was arrested for sexually harassing a 12 year old girl. (via Pattaya News)

In Bang Lamung, a 40 year old man identified as Mr Fai was arrested, accused of sexually harassing a 12 year old girl after breaking into her house. The Nong Prue Police received notice of the break-in that took place on Wednesday in the Pong sub-district.

The father of the 12 year old girl called the police after catching the intruder in the act of sexually harassing his daughter and capturing him, holding him under citizen’s arrest. The Nong Prue Police identified the suspect as a 40 year old man named Mr Fai.

According to the father, Mr Fai broke into their family home and went into his daughter’s room. He began hugging the young girl who responded by screaming out in fright. The screams got her father’s attention who ran in to catch the man sexually assaulting his daughter. He subdued the man and held him captive while notifying the police and waiting for their arrival.

When the police arrived and attempted to arrest the man, he brandished a knife that he had hidden on him. The police eventually managed to subdue Mr Fai and take the knife from him. He was taken to a local police station after. They thanked the father for his good work detaining the suspect.

Neighbours reported that this was not the first incident with Mr Fai and that he had been a nuisance in the neighbourhood for a while. People said he had a severe temper and anger management issues and that they wanted the kick him out of the village permanently.

Now Mr Fai remains in custody and will be faced with several charges including assaulting a law enforcement officer, sexually harassing a minor, and trespassing.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

Neill Fronde

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