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Samui Times responds to Police accusations of ‘fake news’

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Samui Times responds to Police accusations of ‘fake news’ | The Thaiger

The media has become its own story today after Surat Thani, Koh Tao and Koh Phangan police and officials have accused Samui Times of spreading ‘fake news’, apparently the latest go-to explanation for any news that you disagree with.

Samui Times responds to allegations of spreading ‘Fake News’ and having a ‘Vendetta’ against Koh Tao

Sanook has reported that the Surat Thai provincial police chief had ordered that a committee be set up to investigate the claims made on social media and in the Daily Mail newspaper in the UK – Samui Times.

Samui Times have broken a number of stories about Koh Tao, subsequently followed up by police, about all too frequent mysterious deaths and disappearances on the Gulf island of Koh Tao – a popular tourist location for back-packers and divers.

The small island has attracted far more attention for its mystery deaths than for its natural beauty and crystal clear waters.

In the most recent case, Samui Times has printed a story and subsequently followed up by Thai and international media, about a 19 year old girl who claims she was drugged, robbed and raped – serious charges.

Samui Times, for their part, have stuck up for themselves with a published editorial…

As usual, rather than investigate crimes in a timely manner, the Thai authorities are blaming the messenger and accusing this publication of spreading fake news. (Read the full editorial from Samui Times HERE)

The response from police HQ in Bangkok, nearly two months after the alleged crime and a week after the story came to light, has been to send down the country’s crime-fighting maestro, deputy chief of the Tourist Police, Maj. Gen. Surachete Hakparn. He now has a team on the ground on Koh Tao investigating the claims. The National Police Chief says he hopes the investigation will be wrapped up within seven days.

We can only hope that the current investigation led by Maj. Gen. Surachete Hakparn will uncover some of the inconvenient truths behind this and other unresolved mysteries on the island.

It is a serious matter for media to call into question the integrity of Thai Police. The police’s best response is to conduct a thorough, transparent investigation.

We await the findings of this current investigation with great interest.

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Koh Samui

Koh Samui: “Awash with drugs”, ONB News

The Thaiger



Koh Samui: “Awash with drugs”, ONB News | The Thaiger

ONB News is reporting that Koh Samui is “awash with drugs” and that the local prison was crammed full of prisoners convicted on drugs charges.

They were making the assessment following the latest arrest of a Thai woman and her Thai husband on drugs charges on the popular holiday island.

‘Ice’ or crystal methamphetamine was found at her home in Bo Phut.

The 37 year old, Pinkaew Joseph Pickering, was arrested. She admitted she had been selling the drugs to Thais and foreign tourists. She said she had been married to a foreigner for a year, but it didn’t work out and now she was married to a Thai man. She also had a 10 month old child.

She told police she had to turn to drugs to make ends meet. Police believe she was more involved in the drugs trade than that. They had previously arrested her new Thai husband also for involvement in the drugs trade.

ONB reported that 80% of the inmates at the Samui District prison were incarcerated for drugs.

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Stunning new Lux Neo villas at Chaweng, Koh Samui

The Thaiger



Stunning new Lux Neo villas at Chaweng, Koh Samui | The Thaiger

Sun, sea, new, views, pool villa, Samui. All the words you want to hear.

Lux Neo is now available, combining stunning sea views and outstanding modern design. Lux Neo is the newest award winning project by the “Neo” team with critiqued unique villa design and award winning styling. Click HERE to read more about the Neo design team and some of their other award-winning projects.

Stunning new Lux Neo villas at Chaweng, Koh Samui | News by The Thaiger

This magnificent site offers a unique combination for in Thailand – inspired design, value, astonishing views and quality. Designer two or three bedroom villas are now available with sea views to Chaweng Noi and just minutes to the main attractions, beaches, shops, airport and the main Chaweng shopping and beach areas.

The “Lux” location is 18 Rai of premium Chaweng Noi sea view land with “Neo” being a private 12 plot residential development featuring the uniquely inspired villa style. The highly desirable location of Chaweng Noi is just 1 kilometre away from some of Koh Samui’s best beaches and restaurants.

Stunning new Lux Neo villas at Chaweng, Koh Samui | News by The Thaiger

These luxuriously designed spaces include vaulted double height ceilings, mezzanine floors, large open airy spaces, modern terrazzo bathrooms and mezzanine bedrooms – all with breathtaking views of Koh Samui offering unparalleled design with nothing else like it in South East Asia.

Prices start from 8.8 million baht for the 2 bedroom villas ranging up to 12.5 million baht for the 3 bedroom villas.

Read more about the details of this stunning Samui development or make enquiries HERE. You will be able to find out a lot more information as well as compare the new Lux Neo to other projects in the area.

Check out more Samui properties HERE.

Stunning new Lux Neo villas at Chaweng, Koh Samui | News by The Thaiger

Go to when you want to search for Thailand’s largest selection of properties.

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Foundation worker, who admits to killing famous singer’s son, taken on reenactment

The Thaiger



Foundation worker, who admits to killing famous singer’s son, taken on reenactment | The Thaiger

PHOTO: Sanook

Thai police continue to investigate the murder of the son of a well known Koh Samui artist that took place last Monday.

Sanook reports that the victim, 26 year old Nappaphorn, son of singer “Maew Bai Jaak Thai” was shot 5 times by a local foundation rescue worker, 20 year old Natdanai, following a long-standing dispute between the two.

Natdani has now been charged with murder and weapons violations.

Police returned to the scene of the of the crime yesterday with the shooter to re-enact the murder and try to gain some more insight into what happened as well as a motive.

Natdani was first taken to the ring road outside a small shop in Lipa Noi where he told police that he was being chased by the victim on a motorcycle as he drove his rescue vehicle. The victim was allegedly armed with a ‘Sparta knife’. It was here that Natdani fired his gun three times at the victim, but missed.

The re-enactment then moved about 100 meters down the road where the final confrontation occurred. As Natdani parked his car the bike also stopped about 6 meters behind him. The two approached each other, and with the gun, Natdani fired three shots before the victim could get close enough to use the knife, and two more after that to end Nappaphorn’s life.

Police then took the shooter to Ban Phrukam Hill where he had parked his car on the night of the murder and lwas ater apprehended.

Natdini says he had a sense of revenge following years of arguments with the victim and that they had also argued on the final day, which led to the chase.

SOURCE: Sanook

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