Thai healthcare workers use dance routine to cheer up quarantined village | VIDEO

PHOTO: TikTok/Pupu_Pupu555

Healthcare workers in the north-eastern province of Buriram have come up with a novel way to help residents in a closed-off village in Krasang district. The villagers in the Samet Moo 7 community have been sealed off from the outside world as a result of a Covid-19 outbreak. On Sunday, healthcare workers therefore decided to break into a dance routine to brighten their day.

The 4 workers, dressed in full personal protective equipment, including biohazard suits, launched into their dance routine, much to the amusement of local villagers waiting for Covid-19 testing. A video of the performance has found its way to TikTok, as these things do, and is now being enjoyed all over the country. According to Nation Thailand, the healthcare workers say they didn’t expect their routine to prove such a hit.

Tharapong Wongsirilertchon from Nong Teng Health Promoting Hospital, where the healthcare workers are employed, says their performance lightened the mood for the cut-off villagers. He says their enforced isolation should end in 14 days, provided no new infections are reported. It’s understood there are around 429 residents, across 206 households, that have been affected, since the village was cut off on May 16, following the discovery of 4 infections.

SOURCE: Nation Thailand

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