Thai and royal flags ‘disrespected’ in Pai, northern Thailand

PHOTO: Khaosod English

“It was farangs.” Locals in Pai, northern Thailand, are reacting angrily to tourists who damaged a royal insignia flag and Thai national flag.

The two flags were found crumpled on the shores of the Pai River. Locals say the tourists had walked along a nearby street, stolen the flagpoles and flags, and marched around the town in a mock parade. When they were finished with their antics they left the flags next to the river.

But local police have taken the sides of the tourists – who haven’t been named or their nationality identified at this stage – saying they were just being ‘playful’ and didn’t intend to disrespect the Thai people or the Royal Family.

The Thai national flag and royal insignia flags are held in great respect by Thais and there are heavy penalties for any acts of desecration of the images or actual flags.

According to Khaosod English, the locals are demanding retribution and say the foreigners should be punished and deported. But Pai Police Station chief Saman Chitboon told Khaosod English that…

“They had no intent to insult anything.”

Foreigners have been detained and fined in the past for tearing down or trying to steal Thai and royal flags.

SOURCE: Khaosod English

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