Teenage girl’s body found in northeast Thailand forest

Screen grab from video about funeral for Nichada.

The body of a teenage girl has been found on Friday in a forest behind her school in Thailand’s northeast province of Buri Ram. The girl, 17 year old Nichada Salangam, had reportedly skipped her last class of the day with two friends before her body was found.

Nichada’s friend Chularat said the three friends had skipped class to eat snacks beside the school building. She said a teacher saw them and tried to chase them. The group ran away in different directions into the nearby forest. Chularat said that after classes had finished, she and their other friend came out of the forest, but Nichada did not.

At first, Chularat thought that Nichada must have taken the school bus home. But later, she learned that Nichada’s body had been found in the forest that night.

Satuk police chief Colonel Wachirawit Wanthanee didn’t find any bruises on Nichada’s body. Wachirawit said that doctors who examined the body believed that Nichada might have had heart failure. He said classmates told police that they had noticed how Nichada often gasped, even when walking up the stairs, for the past two years. Police have summoned teachers and administrative staff of Satuk School for questioning.

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Nichada’s father isn’t getting clear answers about his daughter’s death. The father, 40 year old Nirut Salangam, said he learned about Nichada’s death through a phone call from a doctor. The doctor told him that his daughter had died of heart failure, but did not explain further.

Nirut said the school should have informed him about Nichcada’s death first. None of the teachers have explained, and they have not contacted his family to show responsibility. Nirut has now called on teachers, students, and those who found Nichada’s body and took her to the hospital, to clarify what happened to her.

Nirut and his family have a YouTube channel, and it appears that the family has already made several videos showing the world their grief over tragically losing their young daughter.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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