Over 70 people exposed to rabies in northeast Thailand

Photo by Thai PBS.

Over 70 people have been exposed to rabies in Thailand’s northeast provinces of Surin and Buriram. In Surin, 67 people were found to be at risk for contracting the disease, while seven people in Buriram were at risk, adding up to a total of 74 people at risk, according to the chief of the Disease Prevention and Control Office 9.

All of the individuals who were exposed to rabies had been vaccinated against the disease.

The office found that from October 1 to February 6, five animals in Surin had rabies and another five in Buriram.

This news comes after just last week, residents of Buriram’s Nong Phai Noi village, located in the main city district, pleaded with authorities to take urgent action after two people were bitten by a dog infected with rabies.

On January 10, 65 year old local man Sawat Palertlam was attending to his cows when a stray dog came out of nowhere, chased him, and bit him. He said he didn’t know where the dog came from.

The farmer said the stray dog was acting “insane” as if it was rabid.

Sawat later found out that the same dog had bitten a young girl, the daughter of a teacher in the village, and attempted to bite others.

Suspecting the animal was rabid, villagers killed and buried it in fear it could bite more people, pets, or livestock.

The farmer and girl who were bitten received emergency rabies shots.

Another farmer, 52 year old Sarayut Phuangpratin, said that a four-month-pregnant cow was bitten by a stray dog.

Rabies is a disease that affects mammals, with the main carriers being dogs, cats, and cows. The initial symptoms of the disease include fever, pain, and an unusual or unexplained tingling, pricking, or burning sensation at the wound site, as well as hallucinations and paralysis.

The disease is primarily spread through the bite or saliva of an infected animal, most commonly dogs, cats, bats, foxes, raccoons, and skunks.

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