Monk suspected of running off with 70,000 baht in donations

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A 64 year old monk in the Isaan province Buri Ram is suspected of running off with 70,000 baht in donations made to the temple. The monk, as well as the thousands of baht in cash, have been missing for the past week.

The abbot of a temple in the Nangrong district had made a request with the temple committee one morning before he went off for his daily routine. He had asked to withdraw the money to pay workers to build a new crematorium. On April 28, the monk received 70,000 baht in donations and then told the committee he had to visit a doctor at a local hospital. The monk left the temple grounds, allegedly taking the donation money with him. No one has seen the monk since he left the temple.

In a separate case, 3 Buddhist nuns at a meditation centre in the Isaan region were arrested for allegedly scamming more than 400 people, promising high returns for those who invested in a fund for the poor. Victims of the alleged scam claim the nuns took off with a total of around 10 million baht.

SOURCE: Thai Residents

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