Man “test drives” car, never to be seen again

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Panya Muenknam, a 50 year old owner of the used car shop “Khao Wong Rot Ban”, located in the Kalasin province, northeasten Thailand, has one less car on his lot after a man took a car for a “test drive” …and never came back. The owner posted on his Facebook about the theft on May 26, and according to Panya the theft took place on May 20.

The man, described by Panya as tall, thin, and about 30 years old arrived at Panya’s shop in a black truck with a Kalasin license plate. The unidentified man said he’d like to buy a car so Panya showed him the vehicles he had for sale. The man picked a green Mazda that cost 42 thousand baht. At some point, Payna learned the alleged thief’s name was “Korn”. He told Panya he would come back later in the evening.

Then, 3 days late, on May 23, Korn returned to the shop with a child in tow. Korn met with another employee and requested a test drive, and as a means to meet his wife who he claimed had the money for the Mazda he had looked at 3 days before. However, Korn changed his mind and informed the employee he wanted to buy a white Toyota that cost 120,000 baht instead. Korn was given the keys for his test drive but was never seen again.

Panya filed a police report at the Khao Wong Police Station the same day.

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SOURCE: Thai Residents

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