Man shoots and kills hospital patient in Thailand’s Northeast

A man shot and killed a hospital patient in Pak Khat district of Bueng Kan province in Thailand’s Northeast yesterday. Police arrested the 21 year old shooter, and he remains in custody during the investigation. A video posted on social media shows an armed man in a blue T-shirt, entering the hospital’s emergency room. The man is then seen shooting an injured man on a gurney, frightening two female staff.

The police questioned medical staff who witnessed the shooting, in order to find the suspect’s identity, then seek an arrest warrant. Thai media reports that police arrested the shooter hours later at a different hospital, where he went to seek attention to his wrist injuries.

The victim was a 21 year old man, as was the shooter. The incident reportedly happened after an alleged fight between two groups at a local restaurant. Another man, 20 years old, is also in custody on a charge of helping the shooter escape.

This news follows another shooting in Thailand last week when a Chon Buri man shot and killed his son before killing himself at a school in the main city district. The man also shot and wounded his wife, who was rushed to Chon Buri Hospital. The couple reportedly had a tense quarrel before the man shot his son and wife, shortly before shooting and killing himself. Reports say the woman had filed a complaint against her husband for physical assault and knife attacks the month before.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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Tara Abhasakun

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