‘It’s God’s Will’ says Thai gunman after Chiang Rai mass shooting

Photo via ตำรวจภูธรภาค 5 and Thaicrime Online

A drug-crazed killer gunned down three locals, including a 4 year old girl, and injured two in a mass shooting in the Baan Pa Kia Community in the northern province of Chiang Rai yesterday. Several cats and dogs were also killed in the crossfire.

The drunken gunman told the police, “It’s God’s will.”

The murderer, reportedly called Anucha Jabo, high on methamphetamine, walked calmly toward a public pavilion where adults and children had gathered to enjoy the scenery and opened fire, turning an idyllic scene into a bloodbath more commonly seen in a gangster movie.

The 26 year old murdered 4 year old girl, Punnada Jawo, 38 year old man, Jala Jalor, and 45 year old woman, Nabo Yapa. A 61 year old woman, Lay-ah Japrue, was seriously injured, and a 21 year old woman, Jirada Yapa, suffered mild injuries during the shooting while several cats and dogs were killed.

Officers from Mae Saruay Police Station, notified by Baan Pa Kia Community’s leader, dashed to the scene and closed off the area to prevent the gunman from escaping.

Officers and the gunman’s family urged the killer to surrender but he refused. But, after five hours’ of a standoff, police captured the drug-killing fiend as he tried to escape into the nearby forest.

Anucha tested positive for methamphetamine at Mae Saruay Police Station and was still high on drugs while under questioning.

He confessed to taking methamphetamine before setting out on his killing spree but couldn’t remember how many tablets he took. Anucha revealed he stole the murder weapon, a shotgun, with 50 bullets from the community leader’s house.

Locals in the community added that Anucha was unemployed, a habitual drug user, and divorced from his wife because of his drug habit. One local added he regularly beats his mother.

Anucha was charged with intentional murder, attempted murder, bringing weapons into a public or community area, using weapons in a public or community area, and taking drugs.

Under Section 288 of Thai Law, a murderer is punished by death or imprisoned for between 15-20 years.

SOURCE: Channel 7 | Khaosod | Matichon

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