Gold necklace raffle for vaccinated people in Khon Kaen

PHOTO: Phon district launches gold necklace giveaway for those who have been vaccinated. (via Daily News)

Provinces around Thailand have schemed to increase Covid-19 vaccine sign-ups, and one district in Khon Kaen has just launched a gold necklace giveaway to registered vaccinated residents. The mayor of the Phon district in Thailand’s northeastern province of Khon Kaen has announced a prize for 3 lucky winners. The plan is to sign up people to get vaccinated and then do a drawing once 2,000 people have had the vaccine administered.

The drawings will be for one of 3 gold necklaces currently valued at about 7,000 baht each. The necklaces weigh 1 saleung, a Thai gold measurement that equates to about 3.7 grams of pure gold. To be eligible to win a necklace, a person must be vaccinated and categorised as at-risk by having underlying health conditions or being over 60 years old.

As an added bonus to incentivise people to register to get their jabs, the mayor signed up 30 local business to offer a 10% discount for those who have already been vaccinated. The businesses are mainly food and drink establishments like restaurants or street vendors. Vaccinated people will receive a coupon to show at participating business to be given their discount until the end of the year.

The mayor believes that people are willing to cooperate in his district to get vaccinated in order to achieve herd immunity, but that the extra enticement of a gold necklace prize may give a push to sign-ups to get vaccinated. The district expects to receive doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine next month as national rollouts get underway.

Plans are in place for a mass vaccination event in a multipurpose hall from July 5 to 7. The municipality expects that around 6,000 people will be vaccinated by the end of that drive, enough people to give away the 3 necklaces by drawing of vaccine certification documents from the Ministry of Public Health.

SOURCE: Daily News and ThaiVisa

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