YouTuber roasts Chef Gordon Ramsay’s Thai cooking skills

Youtuber roasts Gordon Ramsay, screen grab.

A YouTuber roasted world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay’s Thai cooking skills in a video posted on Sunday. The Malaysian YouTuber, known as Uncle Roger, has over 7 million subscribers and is based in London.

Ramsay is known to the world as a super harsh critic of other people’s cooking, mainly through his reality show “Hell’s Kitchen.” On his show, he regularly screams at contestants. Uncle Roger’s review of Ramsay’s som tam might serve as a little reminder for Ramsay to be humble.

Uncle Roger’s video was titled ‘Uncle Roger Review GORDON RAMSAY Thai Papaya Salad.’ As the title indicates, Ramsay cooks Thailand’s famous dish known as som tam, and Uncle Roger tells us what he thinks.

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Uncle Roger opens his review with some self-deprecating humour. He said…

“Look at the pestle and morar, it’s too new, like it’s never been pounded before. Just like Uncle Roger.”

Uncle Roger then moves on to mock Ramsay for only using one Chilli. He said…

“Gordon, how can you use just one chilli for Thai papaya salad? At least use five to 10 chillis… Gordon, when you made fried rice, you used two woks, you wok f*ckboy. You have to be chilli f*ckboy also.”

Ramsay adds lots of sugar to the recipe, saying he wants to “soften the blow” of the chilli. Uncle Roger says that if Ramsay needs to soften the blow of only one chilli, he should “just give up.”

Uncle Roger then points out how Ramsay uses an entire tamarind, instead of just tamarind water. He warns that there will be too much fibre in the salad dressing.

The YouTube star then mocks the way Ramsay peels papayas, saying that he is wasting much of the fruit. He goes on to note that Ramsay should not use shallots in som tam.

The cheeky video also includes a joke asking Ramsay why he had no hot Thai auntie pounding som tam, as is sometimes seen in Thailand’s streets.

This is not the first time Ramsay’s Thai cooking skills have been criticised. Back in 2009, the head chef of Blue Elephant, an upscale Thai restaurant in London, gave Ramsay a piece of his mind on his pad thai. Chef Chang said Ramsay’s pad thai was “not pad thai at all.”

Uncle Roger’s roast of Ramsay is another reminder to Ramsay that not everyone necessarily agrees with him about what is considered good food.

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