Youth gang violence in Pattaya escalates over jeans

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

Violence erupted in Pattaya South at Laem Bali Hai Pier when a gang of approximately 30 youths descended on the area, wielding knives and seeking retribution over a pair of jeans.

The confrontation left two young men injured, with one unconscious and the other with a severe head wound, prompting an urgent response from rescue services and local officials.

Upon arrival at the scene, emergency services discovered a sizable group of teenagers, both male and female, approximately 10 in number, standing watch over the injured. Wanarach, a 19 year old, suffered a knife slash to the head, resulting in a serious wound with blood covering his face.

Another victim, 20 year old Wachirawit was found unconscious after being beaten. Rescue workers administered first aid before urgently transporting both to the hospital.

Inquiring into the cause of the incident, Wanarach disclosed that the attackers were friends of the individual from whom he had agreed to purchase a pair of trendy jeans for 600 baht, with payment arranged for the end of the month.

However, the friends of the jeans’ owner took offence for reasons unknown and used the jeans transaction as a pretext to initiate the confrontation, claiming a miscommunication, reported KhaoSod.

The group, numbering over 30, then launched their attack, resulting in the injuries sustained, until authorities were notified and intervened.

In related news, a quiet neighbourhood in East Pattaya erupted into chaos as a gang of 10 teenagers unleashed a pellet gun frenzy, with one resident narrowly escaping serious injury. A group of teenagers stormed a residence nestled in Soi S.R., Nong Pla Lai Sub-district, East Pattaya, on March 17, firing a pellet gun indiscriminately.

In other news, a 55 year old man was physically assaulted by a group of teenagers in Nakhon Ratchasima, sparking outrage from his daughter who demanded justice and called for witnesses. The incident occurred on Wednesday, March 13 at approximately 3.30am, during the final night of the Thao Suranari victory celebration in the Korat region.

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