Young boy saves coins to buy gold ring for his mother

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Despite his young age, a big-hearted primary school boy saves coins to buy a gold ring for his mother, diligently collecting enough to fill a small safe.

A TikTok user with the account name zumo4422 recently posted an inspiring video of a young boy carrying coins he had saved to buy a gold ring for his mother. The collected coins were all personally saved by the little boy. The shop where the boy planned to buy the gold ring was called Phutthasilp Goldsmith, located within the Thai Complex in Mueang Mahasarakham, Mahasarakham province.

The post’s caption states: “A primary school boy saved money in a small safe to buy gold for his mother. He saw on TikTok that this shop accepts coins, so he brought his mother along. #PhutthasilpGoldsmithThaiComplex”

In the video, the boy opens his small safe, which is packed with carefully bagged coins for his mother’s gold ring. He tells his mother to choose a ring herself before putting the gold ring on her finger.

After the video was shared, numerous netizens praised the commendable boy in their comments, stating that he deserves recognition as an exemplary youth. The boy, despite being young, displays tremendous thoughtfulness, responsibility, and a keen understanding of the value of money, as well as savings management skills.

The Thai Complex in Mueang Mahasarakham has been acknowledged for their gold shop, Phutthasilp Goldsmith, for accepting coins as payment.

About 2 months ago, a young entrepreneurial Grade 5 student from Chai Nat province in central Thailand captured the attention of the nation by purchasing a gold ring for his grandmother using the money he saved from selling ‘kanom pang ping’, a popular Thai snack.


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