Woman finds cockroaches in Cafe Amazon hot chocolate in eastern Thailand

A Thai woman finished drinking her cup of Cafe Amazon hot chocolate when she felt like there was something in her mouth. She was almost sick when she spat multiple baby cockroaches out into a glass. Cafe Amazon issued a statement apologising for the incident on their Facebook page yesterday and temporarily closed the store that served the cockroach-infused hot chocolate on Sunday in Rayong province, eastern Thailand.

A Thai factory worker bought a hot chocolate from the famous coffee shop and drank the entire cup before realising there were several baby cockroaches in her mouth. She said she was almost sick and instantly washed her mouth out with water. She returned to the cafe, located inside a department store in Rayong, who apologised profusely and refunded both her hot chocolate and her boyfriend’s smoothie, totalling at 120 baht.

After the couple posted about their experience on Facebook to warn others, Cafe Amazon posted a statement of apology on their Facebook page yesterday…

“With regards to the news of a customer who discovered foreign items in her drink, at a Cafe Amazon branch in Passione Shopping Destination department store in Rayong province, Cafe Amazon would like to apologise very much. We have asked the franchise staff to contact the customer and take responsibility for the incident and conduct an investigation to prevent this from happening again. This is what happened…

The incident happened at Cafe Amazon’s branch at Passione Shopping Destination in Rayong on May 22. When Cafe Amazon heard of the incident, we ordered the store to temporarily close to conduct an investigation. The investigation revealed that the branch did not meet our health and safety standards, so we ordered them to close, improve their cleanliness standards, clean all devices and spray insecticides and improve the overall cleanliness of the branch until they comply with the standards set by Cafe Amazon.

In addition, the branch manager has contacted the customer to take responsibility for the incident and apologise, and the customer accepted the apology.”


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