Woman feigns insanity to avoid restaurant bill, takes shower on premises (video)

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A woman dined at a Thai barbecue restaurant, left without paying and feigned insanity. After finishing her meal, she claimed to be waiting for a friend, but ultimately entered the bathroom and took a shower before leaving the establishment without paying the bill.

Yesterday, a Facebook user named Thotsaphon, the 33 year old owner of the barbecue restaurant, posted images and a video of a woman who entered his establishment, ordered food, consumed it, and left without paying. The incident took place at a restaurant in Lam Luk Ka district in Pathum Thani province.

Thotsaphon revealed that the incident occurred on Tuesday, June 6. The woman entered the restaurant around 8pm and ordered a meal. She appeared to behave like any ordinary customer and had ordered a small barbecue set along with a Coke. When she finished eating, she claimed she was waiting for a friend who would be paying the bill. While waiting, she talked to herself and, after some time, went outside.

As seen in the video, she then asked to use the bathroom, and Thotsaphon’s girlfriend followed her to check on her. To their surprise, she was taking a shower and washing her hair using a new bar of soap she unwrapped. After finishing her shower, the woman left the establishment without paying for her meal.

Thotsaphon’s girlfriend suggested the woman should wash dishes if she didn’t have money to pay. Others in the Rangsit community reported encountering this woman multiple times and noted she was always dressed well, ate her entire meal, and seemed normal. Thotsaphon felt compelled to warn other business owners of her behaviour but also encouraged the woman’s family to look after her or seek mental health care if needed.

Here is the video that was shared on social media:

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