Woman discovers husband’s cruel bet to be the first to take her virginity was the reason for marrying her

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A woman was left heartbroken upon discovering that her husband had married her as part of a cruel bet to be the first man to take her virginity. The shocking truth was revealed to her during a party by a former coworker.

She first met her husband while working at the age of 20. Coming from a religious family with a priest father, she had desired to marry before becoming sexually active. The fact that the woman still kept her virginity attracted much attention at her workplace, and amid the throng of interested men, she found one who appeared different. They exchanged phone numbers and started talking, which eventually led to dating and marriage. The couple later welcomed a child, cementing their bond.

However, her world came crashing down when she attended a party and bumped into an old coworker. The coworker revealed the truth behind her husband’s initial interest in her – a cruel bet to see who could claim her virginity first, reported KhaoSod.

Devastated, she confronted her husband at home. He admitted to the cruel bet but claimed it was a joke.

“Although it started with a cruel bet, once I got to know you, I fell in love with you and do not regret marrying you.”

She told him how she felt degraded and disgusted by his actions. Instead of showing remorse, her husband seemed to think she was overreacting. Since then, they have not spoken, and she has shared the incident with her family, considering the possibility of divorce.

In related news, a jealous husband shot his wife several times in a rented house in Bangkok’s Khlong Toey district and then committed suicide, believing her to be dead.

The wife survived the attack but remains in critical condition. Officers from Tha Rue Police Station and a rescue team rushed to the house on Art Narong Road in Khlong Toey district at 1am on November 2, to transfer the 25 year old woman, Pattama Kongkasai, to the hospital. Read more about this story HERE.

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