Thai love triangle: Husband denies ‘gay love,’ embraces divorce

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A 64 year old Thai woman accused her 65 year old husband of cheating on her with a young man, adding that her husband refused to divorce her. The husband denied the allegation of a sexual relationship with the man and added he was happy to divorce his wife.

The Thai wife, Prattana, urged Channel 3 to report her story to the public so she could end the relationship with her husband. Prattana revealed to the media that she married her husband in 1982 and has two sons, now grown up, who refuse to get involved in arguments between their parents.

Prattana disclosed that her husband has changed his sexual preference several times in the past and she has caught him watching explicit porn videos featuring gay men. Then, her husband welcomed a young man into their home in 2020.

The husband informed her that the young man would become a housemaid. Prattana, however, remained unconvinced and kept a vigilant watch over the pair.

Prattana’s suspicions were confirmed when the younger man moved into her husband’s bedroom while she was relegated to another room. She saw that they were intimate with each other and showered together. Her husband claimed the shared showers were only for back-rubbing purposes.

Prattana said her husband kept denying their relationship but they always hung out together without her. The young man also took over all of her possessions. He took over her bedroom, bathroom, and walk-in closet. After she engaged in an argument with her husband, the younger man would always chase her away.

Prattana sought help from a government department but the department urged her to leave home and seek refuge in a nursing home. She asked for a divorce to get half of the marriage assets to live her own life, but her husband refused. She also accused the husband of stealing and selling the assets given to her by her father.

The husband later gave an interview with Channel 3 to defend himself stating he invited the young man, A, to his house because he felt sorry for him after his business closed due to the pandemic. A had been contributing to household expenses such as electricity and water bills since his arrival.

The husband added that he did not have any sexual relationship with A. They were just close to each other. A filled a void in his life that his wife had failed to address, citing her alleged lack of attention to household matters, incessant complaints, and even a confrontation with his friends during a party.

The husband assured the media that he had never been opposed to the idea of divorce. He expressed willingness to split the marriage assets as well.

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