Rubbed the wrong way: Eye-rubbing driver sparks parking lot chaos

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A woman driving a pickup truck today claimed she lost control of her vehicle after accidentally rubbing her eyes, causing a crash that damaged several parked vehicles. Police are investigating the incident and reviewing CCTV footage.

Police officer Sivakorn Jantamenchai received a report of a pickup truck losing control and crashing into multiple vehicles at 10am, today July 1, in Bang Pla Soi, Chon Buri. The crash involved a Ford pickup truck, which sustained severe damage with the front axle broken and a wheel detached.

Nearby, an Isuzu pickup truck had its rear end damaged, with a broken taillight scattered across the road. Additionally, two motorcycles were found severely damaged and lying on the roadside.

The 45 year old Ford pickup truck driver appeared visibly shaken and refused to provide details to reporters but told police that she was driving normally until she accidentally rubbed her eyes, causing her to lose control and crash.

The Isuzu truck driver, 23 year old Kritsada reported that he was parked on the roadside and inside his vehicle when he saw the Ford lose control and spin across the lanes, colliding with his truck and the parked motorcycles.

He further explained that after the accident, he approached the shaken female driver, who admitted that she had lost control while rubbing her eyes, reported KhaoSod.

The police are set to conduct a thorough investigation by interviewing the woman and reviewing CCTV footage from the scene to proceed with legal actions accordingly. The investigation aims to confirm the sequence of events and determine if any further actions or charges are warranted based on the findings.

In separate news, a delivery truck driver tragically lost his life after his vehicle skidded on a slippery road and crashed into a high-voltage pole. The incident occurred at 11am, on June 26 on the Chachoengsao-Phanat Nikhom road near the Don Sin Non intersection, Don Sai subdistrict, Ban Pho district, Chachoengsao province.

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