Woman arrested for theft from tourists in Bangkok for the 12th time

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Authorities at Phra Ratchawang Police Station have apprehended a Thai woman for stealing from foreign tourists in Bangkok. This marks the 12th time she has been caught, with her latest release from jail occurring only a few months ago.

Officers led by Phawat Watsupat, commander of the Phra Ratchawang Police Station, and Paisan Detkalaya, deputy commander of investigation, along with Plawut Khonklah, investigation inspector, successfully arrested 55 year old Pornthip yesterday. The arrest was made in front of a condominium in Soi Pradiphat 23, Phaya Thai District, Bangkok, following a warrant issued by the Dusit District Court on May 28.

Foreign tourists had reported multiple incidents of theft while visiting popular tourist spots and shopping malls in Bangkok. Surveillance footage identified Pornthip as the suspect, who was already known to law enforcement for her history of theft. Upon gathering sufficient evidence, authorities obtained an arrest warrant and subsequently apprehended her. Pornthip has confessed to all charges and will face prosecution.

Since 2010, Pornthip has been targeting foreign tourists at various tourist attractions, shopping centres, and other locations frequented by visitors. Over the years, she has been arrested and prosecuted for theft a total of 12 times, repeatedly cycling in and out of prison. Her most recent release was in March.

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The Thai woman’s modus operandi involves mingling with groups of foreign tourists, waiting for an opportune moment to snatch bags or valuable items, which she then uses to cover her living expenses and save up to open a coffee shop, reported KhaoSod.

Pornthip admitted to all accusations, explaining that her actions were driven by a need to accumulate funds to start her own business.

The arrest was a part of a broader initiative by the Phra Ratchawang Police Station to reduce crime rates and improve the overall safety of the city.

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