Woman arrested for Jackson Wang concert ticket scam

Image (left) courtesy of Khaosod Online, Image (right) courtesy of jacksonwang852g7, Instagram

Thai authorities recently arrested a 40 year old woman on charges of scamming people for over 3 million baht. Wilaiwan Praphat Kitjarugul is accused of deceiving multiple victims by selling fake tickets to a Jackson Wang concert in Nonthaburi, Thailand.

Many victims filed complaints on the “Sub Nakorn Ban Online Patrol” Facebook page, having suffered huge financial losses since December 2022. One individual claimed to have been scammed out of 600,000 baht. Additionally, authorities stated that Wilaiwan had been put on the BLACKLISTSELLER website for another case involving a loss of 388,600 baht.

After a six month long investigation led by the Provincial Police Online Analysis Unit and PCT5, the suspect was apprehended in the parking lot of a shopping centre in Amphawa, Samut Songkhram. During the interrogation, Wilaiwan denied the allegations and claimed that she simply helped purchase the concert tickets.

However, a background check revealed that she had faced fraud charges at the Pho Klang Police Station, Nakhon Ratchasima, in 2019, and was convicted in 2020 for violating the Cheque Act at Ban Map Amphote Police Station, Chumphon.

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Official police advice issued by Lt. Teeradech Thammasuthee warned the public to be cautious when buying concert tickets via social media. Instead, they recommend purchasing from authorized distributors, reported KhaoSod Online.

In related scam news, a man was left heartbroken by his girlfriend whom he met on an online dating app. The girl was a deceptive nurse who took advantage of the man’s trust. After meeting through the dating app, the nurse first asked for help to pay an instalment on her condo in Bangkok, worth 15,000 baht. Sek, the man, agreed to give the money due to her good profile.

After some time, the nurse asked again for financial support of 100,000 baht for her online business and to install Internet at her home. Sek still gave her the money she asked for. However, he began to notice some odd behaviour and found out that the nurse had been cheating with another man. He tried to file a complaint at the Kantharom Police Station, as he wanted to solve this challenge legally. For more information, click HERE to read more.

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