Woman abandons home after police ignore four burglaries

Photo via อยากดังเดี๋ยวจัดให้ รีเทริน์ part 5.2

A homeowner in the Lat Phrao area of Bangkok has abandoned her property after a spate of break-ins ignored by police left her fearing for her life.

A picture of the thieves breaking into her house is currently circulating on social media.

The Let Me Know If You Wanna Be Famous (อยากดังเดี๋ยวจัดให้รีเทิร์น 5.2) Facebook account posted pictures of the thieving couple climbing out of the owner’s home after robbing it on Sunday, October 2.

The caption said…

“These two thieves broke into my neighbour’s house the night before. No one lives in this house anymore. They can’t steal at night because there is no electricity, so they go in the daytime to steal stuff. They were chilled and weren’t scared of me taking pictures of them. There are many thefts and robberies in the area. It is rare to find a police officer patrolling the area. They said they were busy. The only thing we can count on is a Thai Bangkaew dog. It happened in Soi Lat Phrao 64, intersection No. 8, under the care of Wang Thong Lang Police Station.”

The pictures show a male thief helping his female accomplice climb down a fence. Everything happened in broad daylight in front of residents and neighbours. The couple didn’t care, they casually walked away with a bag of stolen goods.

The homeowner, 67 year old Amarat (surname reserved), said…

“I don’t care about it anymore. I just let it happen and didn’t file any more complaints. I’ve moved out and living with my children because I’m scared of thieves. I planned to visit the house on the night the couple broke in but I changed my mind. If not, the news might have been reported in another way. I could have been attacked or killed.”

Amarat added…

“I don’t know how to protect the house and what to do next. If someone asks me nicely, I might give the house away. There is nothing left to steal right now.”

Amarat revealed her home has been burgled four times since the Covid-19 pandemic hit Thailand. She said she has lost more than 100,000 baht and filed a complaint with the police. She said nothing happened and thieves just kept breaking into her house.

The superintendent of the Wang Thong Lang Police Station, Kantapon Pho-ar, reported yesterday that they know the identities of the burglars and would invite the house owner to provide more information on the thefts.

Kantapon reported that the police patrol the area every eight hours and added that sometimes plain clothed officers operate in the area too.

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