Wat Choeng Khao festival merges spiritual rites with lively concerts

The annual festival at Wat Choeng Khao in Saraburi Province promises to be a vibrant blend of religious reverence and festive entertainment as it welcomes visitors to participate in various activities from February 9 to 25.

Headlined by celebrated artists including Pu Pongsit and Monkan Kankoon, the event is set to deliver a full-scale concert experience, alongside the opportunity to venerate the Buddha’s relic and the large statue of Luang Phor Ruay, a revered monk known for his amulets.

The festival, coinciding with the Chinese New Year, places spirituality at its core, inviting attendees to ascend the mountain and pay homage to the Prathat Chiang Khao (Maha That Chedi Phasatiko). A special attraction for many is the chance to seek blessings inside a cave adorned with carved Buddha images. For those unable to make the climb, the temple offers lift services, ensuring that the sacred site is accessible to the elderly and those with disabilities.

Visitors reaching the peak are greeted with stunning vistas and the opportunity to pay respects to the Luang Phor Kaew statue, renowned for its beauty and sanctity. The descent from the spiritual heights leads to a lively temple fair replete with a vast selection of over 100 food options and an array of souvenirs.

A highlight for many is the line-up of famous musicians set to perform, including DAX ROCK RIDER, Kob Taxi, Bangnash Future, Seree Ruangsawang, Book Supakarn, Neck Narupon, and See Phueak Khondan Kwian.

Adding to the excitement, the festival features a chance to win amulets blessed by Luang Phor Ruay, including coins, rings, and bracelets valued at up to 3,000 baht. By donating a minimum of 100 baht to Wat Choeng Khao, participants are entered into a draw for these valuable prizes. This unique aspect of the festival not only offers the chance to accumulate merit but also to potentially receive a sacred talisman.

The Wat Choeng Khao annual festival invites all devout Buddhists and those with a spirit of faith to join in the charitable acts and enjoy the festivities during the Chinese New Year period. The temple’s welcoming environment provides a space for spiritual growth and communal joy, embodying the essence of Thai cultural and religious celebrations, reported KhaoSod.

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