Nightlife note: College director denies teacher’s resignation over moonlight melodies in Thailand

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A vocational college director in Yala, southern Thailand, denied that a female teacher was forced to resign for singing part-time at a bar at night for breaching professional ethics. The woman, known as “Teacher Jane,” hit out, accusing the director of twisting the truth.

The director of Phadungpracha Yala Vocational College denied pressuring “Teacher Jane” to resign due to her part-time singing job. The college’s stance is that they did not obstruct her and even supported her in earning extra income, as long as it did not affect her primary responsibilities.

“Teacher Jane” contradicted this and later shared a news post alongside her statement.

In her post, she refutes the director’s claims, highlighting the challenges she faced working for the college and clarifying that her singing activities do not interfere with her teaching duties. She also emphasises the need to bring the truth to light, rather than making accusations without examining available evidence.

She said…

“Thank you for all the comments. I now want to reveal the truth, and please don’t make assumptions. The director is 68 years old and he should not distort the truth and blame me for everything. He needs to show my resignation and sick leave documents. I have worked like a slave for seven days a week. Not only that, I have only three days of sick leave per academic year.

“Stop accusing me. I’m not a full-time teacher and have no impact on teaching. I don’t sing every day, and I only take jobs at an hourly rate as I please. I have never neglected my main job. Also, I want you to look at my sick leave requests in cases of medication allergies and other work outside. You’re very good at disputing. Not only that, you can’t even enter those places if you’re not over 20 years old. Think about it.”

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