ITV dispute: Lawyer highlights alleged false evidence, who’s facing charges?

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The recent disclosure of a video today from an ITV shareholders’ meeting has intensified scrutiny over the company’s operations and potential legal implications for stakeholders. Lawyer Decha Kittiwitthayanan made headlines after drawing attention to the inconsistencies between the meeting’s video footage and previously released reports, suggesting possible legal repercussions for those involved.

Decha pointed out the clear discrepancy between the way the meeting’s chairman answered questions about ITV‘s business operations and the contents of the company’s official report. The report claimed ITV was still engaged in media operations, while the chairman stated otherwise in the recorded video. According to Decha, those involved in creating, certifying, auditing, and amending the meeting’s report could face legal consequences based on Thailand’s Public Company Act, which covers instances of false or omitted information in company documents with a prison sentence of up to five years and a fine of up to one million baht (US$ 28,822).

In addition, Decha revealed documents dating back to 8 March 2007 in which ITV’s executives had terminated all employees, effectively ceasing operations. These documents were disclosed after the Thai Prime Minister’s Office terminated the company’s television broadcasting contract. If these documents are taken into consideration alongside the video footage as evidence, all parties involved in the case could risk an even harsher penalty, including a prison sentence of seven to ten years and a 20-year suspension of voting rights under section 143 paragraph 3 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand.

Decha also posted on social media that the video file, being electronic and material evidence, is more trustworthy than the meeting report, which is a documented witness. As investigations continue, the case has the potential to impact numerous individuals connected to ITV and its operations, particularly those implicated in the abuse of political power.

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