Viral video: Taxi driver’s ‘you’re too fat’ confrontation leaves passenger speechless

Photo: Sanook.

A video of a taxi driver verbally confronting a passenger has gone viral, sparking widespread criticism and discussion online. The driver claimed he was afraid the shock absorbers would break due to the passenger’s weight, leading to an intense taxi confrontation exchange that left the passenger feeling insulted and upset.

The taxi confrontation video clip begins with the passenger asking why the driver didn’t express his concerns about the passenger’s weight from the beginning, thus avoiding the uncomfortable situation.

The passenger expressed hurt feelings, stating that he had never encountered such an issue in his previous taxi rides, and suggested he would disembark if the driver was uncomfortable.

The taxi driver, however, insisted on his standpoint, stating his fear about the shock absorbers and demanding fare payment if the passenger chose to leave the taxi.

He justified his actions by claiming he was operating within the law, and that he was not bullying but merely stating the facts as he understood them.

Following the release of the video, numerous comments flooded in criticising the taxi driver’s behaviour, with the majority pointing out the inappropriate nature of bullying passengers.

The incident ignited a heated debate about the behaviour and attitudes of taxi drivers towards their passengers, reflecting the need for clearer guidelines and better communication within the industry, reported Sanook.

The passenger was not happy with the taxi driver.

“Why didn’t you say from the beginning that you don’t accept overweight people because you’re afraid your shock absorbers would break? I wouldn’t have ridden. It’s not like you’re talking down to me, making me feel bad. I usually take a lot of taxis and I’ve never encountered this.”

The taxi driver dismissed his passenger’s complaint.

“What are you talking about breaking your heart? I’m telling the truth because I’m afraid the shock absorbers will break. If you’re going to get off, you have to pay the fare because I didn’t chase you away.

“I took you in my car because it’s legal. The country is governed by law, not by your rules. What bullying? I’m telling the truth. I know the law. I can only say that much.”

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