Vietnam’s tourism website triumphs over Thailand

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Vietnam’s national tourism promotion website,, has emerged victorious, outshining Thailand’s counterpart and climbing above numerous regional competitors.

According to March rankings by the prestigious website rating platform SimilarWeb, seized the impressive spot of #132,676 globally, overtaking Thailand’s travel hub ranked at #136,108. The Philippines trails at #808,295 and Malaysia lags at #881,886 in its wake.

The triumph doesn’t end there. When it comes to attracting international attention, shines, boasting an impressive 85% web traffic rate from overseas markets, towering above Indonesia (64%), Thailand (44%), Malaysia (42%), and even the Philippines (28%). As for keeping visitors hooked, its bounce rate of 65.09% outperforms regional rivals like Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Delving deeper into the demographics, the website caters predominantly to mobile users (74%) and attracts a female-majority audience (59.34%), with the largest age bracket falling between 25 to 34 years old.

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Behind this digital victory lies meticulous strategy and innovation. Managed by the Tourism Information Technology Center, employs cutting-edge content and media marketing across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, reported Travel Daily News.

From promoting visa policies to highlighting diverse tourism offerings like island retreats, culinary delights, and eco-adventures, the website paints a vivid picture of Vietnam’s allure.

In related news, Traveloka and the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) have forged an alliance aimed at showcasing the wonders of Hong Kong to eager travellers from Thailand and beyond. This collaboration, anticipated to skyrocket tourism figures, promises to position Hong Kong as the ultimate hotspot for adventurous souls seeking new experiences.

In other news, hundreds of Thailand’s finest commodities were set to make waves in Vietnam as the third Mini Thailand Week 2024 kicked off in the seaside city of Ha Long.

The event, part of Thailand’s strategic push to integrate its businesses into Vietnam’s booming economy, kicked off on March 28, at the Centre of Planning Fair and Exhibition in Ha Long, Quang Ninh province, and ran until March 31.

Vietnam's tourism website triumphs over Thailand | News by Thaiger
Photo courtesy of Travel Daily News

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