VIDEO: Train splits 18-wheel trailer clean in half in northern Thailand

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A train hit an 18-wheel trailer, splitting it cleanly in half, in Lamphun province in northern Thailand yesterday morning. No deaths or injuries were reported.

Train No. 51 from Bangkok to Chiang Mai crashed into the articulated vehicle carrying 30 tonnes of rice husk at the Tha Chak – Tasop Sao railway crossing.

At 11.30am, Mae Tha Police Station officers Mae Tha Police Station were informed of the accident and rushed to the scene with Highway Patrol officers.

The truck driver, 25 year old Nattaphon Chasaeng from Chiang Mai province, explained how the crash happened. He said he saw the train warning but the train hadn’t come yet so he decided to drive across.

However, the barriers came down in between his two trailers, blocking him from moving backwards or forward. He knew what was coming but there was nothing he could do.

The front of the train was badly damaged yet the 57 year old driver, Somnuk Muen-asa from Phrae province in northern Thailand, was miraculously unharmed, as were all the passengers inside the packed train.

The front of the train will undergo repairs today in Chiang Mai province.

In July, a train crashed into a pickup truck in Pattaya province, leaving the three people inside with only minor injuries.

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