US YouTubers face backlash after ‘uneducated Thai & Filipina women’ slur

The American female guests of an episode from the controversial DailyRagUpCrew YouTube channel are facing a backlash for their condescending attitudes toward foreign women. The boorish women were scathing of women from the Philippines, Thailand, the Dominican Republic, and Colombia, whom they dismiss as “uneducated” and lacking in proficiency in the English language.

The DailyRagUpCrew is a podcast show with three male hosts who discuss topics of the day with a live studio audience. The show invites guests to join their podcasts to discuss trending topics about relationships, love, life, sex, pop culture, and any hot topics of the day on social media.

The episode that went caused a viral storm in Thailand and the Philippines was the Dailyrapupcrew Podcast Episode 84, which discussed ‘The Rise of the “Sassy Men Apocalypse!’ The three female guests on the controversial show were Nisingha (left), Khariyah (centre), and Simone (right). Watch the video HERE.

During one segment of the program, the male hosts encouraged the female guests to express their views on the phenomenon known as “passport bros.” This refers to the notion that Western women have overly demanding standards in relationships, causing Western men to seek out foreign women instead.

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The female guest, Simone, shared her opinion, she said…

“When you pay attention to the passport bros, they are getting women from like Dominican, Colombia, the Philippines, Thailand. Like the women who can speak very little English, women that do not have an education or women who are all raised to be wives by their mothers.”

The male hosts tried to defend the Western men who choose foreign girls by saying that men liked those women because they were taught to love husbands and families.

The video caused outrage on Thai and Filipino social media.

A Thai model named Tia Taveepanichpan shared her thoughts on the matter by posting a reaction video on her TikTok account.

“I’m sorry, but I’m just gonna stop you there. The amount of disrespect in that video is unfathomable. Not only did you just generalise one country, but three. Did you even know that in the Philippines, they speak English as their second language? Have you ever travelled outside the US yet? Because I know a lot of Americans that never even leave America. If you come to Bangkok, Thailand, a lot of people here do speak English very well as well.”

Tia speaks her opinions in English, and you can watch the full video HERE.

A Filipina TikToker named Vianccey weighed in on the topic. She suggested that Simone and the other two women should have visited the Philippines before offering their opinions.

Vianccey pointed out that education is highly valued in her country.

Vianccey also criticized the three women, stating that their behaviour displayed their own insecurity. She accused them of trying to bring others down in order to make themselves feel better. Vianccey proudly proclaimed…

“We can speak two languages, English and Filipino, can you?”

Many more women shared their opinions on the topic, which can be found by searching DailyRapUpCrew.

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