Urgent national police investigation into ruthless debt collector suicides in Thailand

The National Police Chief launched an investigation into the case of an individual who took his own life due to the extreme pressure from ruthless debt collectors. The investigation, conducted today at the National Police Office, aims to identify any other possible victims and vows to prosecute all cases without exception.

The debtor, creditor, and debt collector will be brought into the debt negotiation process.

The order for the investigation came from the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Srettha Thavisin, directing the National Police Chief to collaborate with the administrative sector and relevant government agencies. The goal is to quickly examine the situation, take legal action, and solve the problem in line with the government’s urgent policy to address the issue of non-systemic debt.

The National Police Chief, Tor Sak Sukwimon, ordered Kittisak Durongkavibul, the Police Chief of Region 6, and Sutthiphong Pekthong, the Provincial Police Chief of Uttaradit, to meet and discuss the case with Noppharit Sirikoson, the Deputy Governor of Uttaradit Province.

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Additional members of the meeting include Pieraphet Ubonjitt, the Deputy Provincial Police Chief of Uttaradit, Natthaphan Songthai, the Superintendent of Wang Kaphi Police Station, and Pradet Dechayantbunsha, the District Chief of Mueang Uttaradit, along with related officials. They aim to outline the measures to be taken in this case and plan to visit the older woman’s house to provide initial assistance.

The police are speeding up the collection of evidence and tracking down one debtor and one debt collector who has already been interrogated. They are prepared to prosecute and expand the investigation to other debtors or debt collectors.

Debt negotiation process

If any violations are found, they will be dealt with decisively in every case. The police will also cooperate with the administrative sector to bring the debtor and creditor into the debt negotiation process.

The National Police Chief affirms that this heart-breaking incident related to non-systemic debt is a social issue that needs to be addressed seriously. Every creditor and financier involved in illegal activities must be thoroughly investigated in collaboration with relevant government agencies.

They must also provide assistance to the older woman, take care of her mental health, and ensure fairness to her family by bringing them into the legal debt negotiation process.

Moreover, instructions have been given to all areas to strengthen cooperation between the police and administrative sectors on the ground. They will check all aspects, and ask registered debtors and creditors if any violence or threats have occurred, or if there are any unusual circumstances.

This is to prevent any similar incidents from happening again and to effectively solve the government’s non-systemic debt problem, thereby enhancing the public’s confidence and safety in life and property, reported KhaoSod.

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