Fashion faux pas: Cleaning company mistakenly discard bag of high-end clothes worth thousands of baht

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A woman was left stunned after her bag of high-end designer clothes, left for laundry in an upscale condo, was thrown out by the cleaning staff. The cleaning company declined responsibility, claiming they were unaware of the bag’s value and couldn’t afford compensation.

The woman, a resident of an upscale condo in the city centre, found herself in a shocking situation. She had placed all her 50 outfits in a bag and left it downstairs in the condo for the laundry service to pick up. When the laundry informed her that they could not locate her clothes, she approached the condo’s legal team to view the CCTV footage.

After nearly a week, it was discovered that the cleaning staff hired by the condo had discarded her bag of clothes. Despite her attempts to contact the company and the cleaning staff, she was unable to recover her clothes, many of which were irreplaceable and expensive brand names.

A representative from the cleaning company stated that if their company were to compensate, they would have to pay out of their own pocket because their insurance stated that they couldn’t verify the actual cost of the contents in the bag. Therefore, they would only pay a portion, not the full price, as the clothes were already worn. Moreover, the cleaning staff’s wages were not high, making it unaffordable for them to pay.

The woman expressed dissatisfaction, stating she had no intention of selling her clothes second-hand and that partial payment was unacceptable. The cleaning company didn’t respond to her claims. The cleaning staff allegedly said someone had instructed them to dispose of the bag but couldn’t recall who gave the directive.

The victim said that the spot where she left her bag was a designated area for laundry collection, where she routinely placed her clothes. Given the presence of CCTV cameras, she never expected such an incident.

Currently, the matter remains unresolved, with the woman yet to receive any compensation. The cleaning company claimed they were unable to reach her, despite the fact that it was the cleaning company that had failed to make contact, reported KhaoSod.

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