Health riders revolutionise medication delivery

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To transform healthcare accessibility, volunteers dubbed “health riders” are poised to bring medicines directly to patients’ doorsteps, following a successful trial period.

Public Health Minister Cholnan Srikaew, unveiling the service on Monday, March 18, announced its rollout to cater initially to 30-baht plus universal healthcare beneficiaries across 32 provinces.

This innovative initiative, part of the 30-baht plus healthcare scheme, ensures prompt medication delivery to patients, eliminating the need for them to queue at hospitals or pharmacies.

Speaking at the Day of Village Public Health Volunteers ceremony at Pua School in Nan’s Pua district, Cholnan highlighted the significant impact of the health riders, lauding their role in reducing hospital queues by 14% daily.

Under this scheme, bedridden patients or those facing difficulty in accessing medical facilities will receive prescribed medicines directly at their homes, enhancing convenience and efficiency in healthcare delivery.

Since December, a pilot programme has been underway, with 2,796 orders fulfilled in Nan province alone, showcasing a resounding success in improving patient satisfaction and access to medication.

Encouraging health volunteers and hospital personnel to participate as health riders, Cholnan announced the opportunity for them to register for a provider ID, offering an avenue for additional income, reported The Nation.

Furthermore, plans are underway to collaborate with private logistics firms, including Global Jet Express, GRAB, and Thailand Post, to further streamline and expand the delivery services nationwide.

ORIGINAL STORY: PM Srettha inspects ’30-Baht Plus’ healthcare policy

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin spearheaded the inspection of the Phra Ajarn Mun Bhuridatto Hospital’s construction progress and closely monitored the implementation of the 30-baht Plus healthcare policy in Sakon Nakhon Province.

The Phra Ajarn Mun Bhuridatto Hospital stands as a beacon of hope, catering to a vast population, including residents from neighbouring provinces. The relentless pursuit of excellence has driven ongoing enhancements within the hospital to deliver optimised services efficiently.

PM Srettha’s vigilant oversight extends to the rollout of the pioneering healthcare initiative, where citizens can access treatment for a mere 30-baht Plus or with just their ID card. This policy, orchestrated by the Ministry of Public Health, is poised to extend its reach to Sakon Nakhon Province imminently, following successful trials in Phrae, Roi Et, Phetchaburi, and Narathiwat.

Furthermore, as March approaches, the government gears up for the project’s ambitious second phase, which will encompass eight additional provinces. Phetchabun, Nakhon Sawan, Sing Buri, Sa Kaeo, Nong Bua Lamphu, Nakhon Ratchasima, Amnat Charoen, and Phang Nga are all slated to benefit from the expansion, promising enhanced healthcare accessibility for millions across Thailand, reported Pattaya Mail.

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