UOB LIVE apologizes for Ed Sheeran concert disruption

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Suphalak, the Chairperson of UOB LIVE, issued a heartfelt apology following a disturbance at the Ed Sheeran concert held on February 11. In a formal letter, Suphalak expressed deep regret for the disruption caused by excessive noise in the VIP lounge area, which affected the concertgoers’ experience at UOB LIVE.

In a move to address the fallout from the incident, Suphalak Amphan, on behalf of the executive team at UOB LIVE, has taken full responsibility for the mishap that marred the concert experience for many. The noise, emanating from the VIP lounge area, was deemed inappropriate and not in keeping with the standards expected of such a prestigious event, reported KhaoSod.

UOB LIVE’s leadership has not only acknowledged the error but has also pledged to take constructive criticism onboard as part of their commitment to continuous improvement. The management vowed to implement necessary changes to ensure such incidents are not repeated in the future. Their goal is to elevate UOB LIVE to the status of a top-tier Concert Hall and Multipurpose Hall in Asia, synonymous with quality and outstanding audience experiences.

In a statement, Suphalak underscored the executive team’s dedication to excellence.

“UOB LIVE is resolute in our intent to develop into one of the premier venues in Asia, offering quality facilities and creating the best possible experiences.”

Concluding the correspondence, Suphalak extended sincere gratitude to supporters for their ongoing support, valuable suggestions, and constructive feedback. UOB LIVE is determined to rectify the situation and restore its reputation as a premier destination for live entertainment in Asia.

In related news, at Ed Sheeran’s Bangkok concert, the leader of the Pheu Thai Party, Paetongtarn Shinawatra, addressed the noise issue, staunchly denying involvement in the disruptive noise that prompted some audience members to leave the venue.

“A concert is a happy place, a place of joy. It’s normal for people, not just those in the VIP area, to make noise or sing along. A concert isn’t expected to be silent like a library. There’s a different etiquette for different places; it’s one thing if you’re at a temple, another if you’re at a concert.”

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